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Jed, the Farm Dog

by Lavender Lori Parr - on Wednesday, January 01, 2014
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Best help ever! 


Rosalie Ranch / The Cabin

by Lavender Lori Parr - on Sunday, April 08, 2012
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I head for my land, from town. It is late in the day, especiallly a short winter day - 2:00. It takes 45 minutes to drive to the cabin. It will be dark at 4:30. I breath a deep sigh just over Evaro Hill, but find this day the fog I've been hearing about on the weather reports. The sun was so glorious in town today that it caused me to stop and stand with my face taking it in, warming my closed eyelids. 


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About Lavender Lori Parr

Lavender Lori was recently described by a friend as elegant and rugged. Elegant is a stretch but rugged sums it up.

She never was one to play by society's rules or let anybody tell her what to do. And when others thought her a fool for trying something outside the box of normal reality she did it just to prove to herself that it could be done. She has bucked systems most of her life. Some might call her fiercely independent. She is, without a doubt self reliant and self sufficient and maybe stricken with a light case of LFWS - Lonely Farm Woman Syndrome due to circumstances that led to her sudden uprooting to different living quarters, a 90 mile round trip from her base town of Missoula, Montana.

She is the pioneer for growing a couple types of lavender that were never before tried in Montana, distills her own brand of essential oils and hydrosols, and teaches workshops on various topics.