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Lavender Farming

Have you ever thought lavender farming is a direction you want to go? I can share my experience with you, give you answers so you can better determine if you'll set out on that road. We'll talk about other things you wouldn't know to ask about. Send me an email, introduce yourself and we'll go from there.

Lavender Lori Balled Babies

A typical consultation lasts an hour and a half. I bring my shovel. We dig a hole, we pour water in it to check the drainage of your soil. I look at your propsed topography, sun exposure, and the potential for outbuildings in which to dry and store your product. We talk about the size and scope of your farm, the threat of deer and rodents and how to deal with them. We wil discuss the importance of buying locally grown plants for their ability to acclimatize to your particular site, how many plants will fit, and how much produce you can expect. If your elevation is over 2,000 feet or you live in a cold climate we will go into some detail how to survive temperatures colder than most lavender can withstand.  And to wrap up we discuss your marketing ideas. 


You may be interested to hear about other facets of the business and that if farming isn't for you you could fill another niche like growing plants to sell to other farmers, or production of things like buds or essential oil. 


Before I visit I will ask you to formulate and prioritize your top 20 questions so we can make the most of our initial consultation. 


Should you decide to jump in with both feet you can secure me for a retainer fee. We will maintain a connection until the day, and hopefully long after you become a lavender farmer.

Landscaping & Gardening

The best time to begin planning your new or refurbished landscape is the fall previous to installation. I know that sounds early but consider the many steps that need be coordinated: excavation, soil and mulch delivery, securing special and common plants, hiring someone to assist you in design, securing a good landscape contactor. The best of these are filling their schedules for the new year in October of the previous one. You don't want to start thinking about this in March only to make it to the bottom of the list.

Lavender Lori High-elevation Gardening

Winter is a great time for planning the landscape and garden. And it puts you in the lead position.

Landscape plans for the do-it-yourself type are also something I can help you with. I owned and operated Kinship Gardens, a landscape maintenance service for 12 years prior to farming lavender and before that was employed in the plant nursery industry both in SLC, Utah and Missoula, Montana.


Having worked from the bottom up I can share important details with you to help you create a truly low maintenance garden or landscape. I am well versed in plant combinations and hardiness zones of the high deserts of the Intermountain West.


A consultation lasts approximately one and a half hours. I bring along my tablet, take photos of the areas we will be working on, create a file for you and later use an app to draw over the top of the photos in order to give you a visual. Alongside that I create a map and a plant key that any contractor or you can easily understand and follow.  


Before our consultation I will ask in an email for you to prioritize your landscape plans. Often times nothing on one's list gets accomplished because you get overwhelmed with too many things. So I will help you break it down into the 5 year plan with the section that bothers you most or that you find most urgent at the fore in year one. We will also discuss your budget and the importance of regular maintenance and how much time you or a service person need devote to upkeep. There is no such thing as a maintenance free landscape. 


Prior to creating your plan I will create a board for you on my Pinterest site. This way I can show you ideas based on your prioritized sections, you can share photos you find to the same board and we can work together to create a great design. 


Call (406) 396-1514 or email me today.

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