Italia Introduction

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

My VW bus, which I bought in Spokane back in 1990

Hello friends and family! Many of you are subscribers to my quarterly newsletter Earth Nurture. I have always enjoyed writing it and sharing it with you but this past year/volume 21 (21 years I've been writing it) came across much like any 21 year old; unfettered, careless, fact it didn't even show up when and where it was supposed to be. Had she shown up it would have been with stringy hair and tattered clothes.I know many of you have paid money for a yearly subscription and I have not forgotten that, and that will be honored.

I realized when I sat down to write the Spring edition in February that I could contribute nothing other than more of my same tales of woe, despair, and hardship. Frankly, you deserve better.

Since the devastating years of '09/'10 when my 17 year marriage failed, I moved out of my home, and 90% of my lavender crop died from an early fall freak storm my life has been upside down and my writing has reflected that. Thank you for hanging in there with me.So much failure after such carefully crafted decades (my 30's and 40's) infected me with an uncharacteristic fear of commitment to most everything these last 5 years.

This past year '15/'16 has been as difficult if not more so.

In August 2015 a dear longtime friend died. She invited me to be part of that process (not having had the privilege of being present for either of my parent's deaths, this was an honor.)

I suffered a break up with a perfectly lovely man that same month. This set me in an inward spiraling tailspin wondering if with all my past relational failures, perhaps I was truly unlovable, incompetent, or just not cut out for relating.