Lavender Eye Candy

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

A triplicity of fuseau. Lavender wands woven with various ribbon and fresh lavender. A seasonal item, usually sold out by the holiday.

Burning bundle made from dead lavender twigs and various dried flowers and seed pods. Smells great at a bonfire!

A collection of lavender hydrosols, and my glass receiver in background

A collection of my lavender oils, pretty tray, pippet, and tiny funnel.

Sachet on top of Grosso.

Sachet, an English variety. She’s at the most 10″ tall compared to Grosso at 24″.

When they moved my booth at market I borrowed some chalk to make a sign guiding customers to me.

A collection of lavender bomblettes.

2 month old baby plants cloned from cuttings of mother plants in the background.

Grosso measures 60″ across at maturity!

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