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My Book - Lavender Farming: Secrets from a Hard Row Hoed in Western Montana

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Lavender Lori

In my documentation of the last 14 years I now realize I have been writing this quintessential guide to farming lavender in cold climates the entire time I have been farming the fragrant purple herb. I am a natural chronicler and have taken studious notes while farming.

There could not have been a more perfect winter to begin than 2013/14. Negative 30 degrees, 50 mph winds blowing 3 feet of snow into 5 foot snowdrifts, unrelenting ice covered landscapes….on and on it went, a classic Montana winter; the kind that keeps people from even thinking of moving here, let alone farming here…but it can be done!

Friends who subscribe to my Garden/Farm/Homestead newsletter Earth Nurture, in its 18th year now urged me to write the book as I do the newsletter; easy to understand and like they can hear my voice – write like I talk. Farming Lavender; Secrets from a Hard Row Hoed in Western Montana is now in the revision stage of the last edits. It is full of the trials, successes, and ways it can be better done in cold climates. It reads like a how-to manual as well as a memoir. I wrote it because there was no practical book on the subject when I started. I took it on as a duty to fellow farmers and those just starting out.

Publication is set for this summer, 2019.

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