Earth Nurture, Volume 18, Number 4, Winter

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Lavender Lori Parr

Earth Nurture Newsletter has an intimate subscriber-ship whom I am slowly converting to digital. For those who still receive it in hard copy by pony express,

These are the links to the highlighted/underlined references in the order they are found on the paper.

Something I know: A Newsletter as Supplemental Income .

A musician review on Bradford Lee Folk for Corridor Magazine,…new-band-to-ruby-jewel-jamboree/…001a4bcf887a.html

A musician review on Kathy Kallick

Something I Don’t Know: Would You Eat Roadkill to Save Money on Meat? I would so appreciate if you would support me in clicking on and reading it as the more page views it gets I stand to gain a bonus payment.

Keystone Species

Wildlife Conservation Society,

Buffalo Field Campaign,

Missoula Sprinkler Supply,

Friend of Johns;

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