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Over-sized tea bags are filled with lavender flower buds, ironed with lavender steam, and sewed closed so they don't open in the dryer.


They have multiple uses:


  • Throw one in the clothes dryer the last 10 minutes of the cycle; makes your clothes and the whole house smell great. The same sachet can be used to dry a couple more loads. It would then make great fire starter.


  • Use one sachet to make an entire kettle of lavender tea. Sweeten with honey or simple syrup.


  • Or just place them in drawers, roving, weaving, and knitting baskets to give fresh scent and deter moths.


  • Set one in the dog’s hidey-hole or under the cat’s pillow to deodorize.

Dry Sachets / Large Tea Bags (Set of 3)



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