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I have self published Earth Nurture Newsletter since 1995. It began as a means of teaching the clients I had gathered in my first business, Kinship Gardens, a maintenance/design/consulting service. I started that business in 1995 and soon realized the niche for this newsletter. The content was based on the questions my clients asked me and I felt a strong drive to include ancient garden and Earth lore. 


Through the years I added to my skill set. I started a lavender farm, so a page of the newsletter was devoted to that and later I introduced my intimate readership to a 20 acre parcel of land I purchased with money my mother left me on her death. I call it Rosalie Ranch in her honor. There is a page in the quarterly journal devoted to it as well and it is by far reader's favorite. I discuss the challenges of farming and gardening on a wild prairie in western Montana and bring you along as I navigate the intricacies of living in a truly tiny house, off the grid no less!


It is a quarterly journal in tune with the seasons. I recommend printing it out and enjoying it with a cup of coffee while snuggled in a cozy chair.

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