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Available for local delivery within 75 miles or pick up at farmer's markets. For distant delivery I make arrangements with Western Montana Growers Co-op to major Montana cities. 


Fresh available in July only.


French bouquets, being made of sterile plants, are identical and perfect - show little variation, are made from 150 leafless stems (create a circle with your forefinger and thumb tips touching – that big around,) and measure up to 26ʺ  long.


Fresh Cut

Local delivery within 100 mile radius of St. Ignatius, Montana.



It is customary for me to reserve entire plants for brides whose wedding dates occur in harvest season. I tie a ribbon on the plant with their name on it, and then harvest it as near to the date so it is fresh as can be.


Bring the bridal party to the farm for a picnic and lavender harvest. This is a great photo opportunity for the memory book and an experience all will remember for a lifetime.


Brides and grooms can come to the farm and bring the photographer along. The picturesque Mission Mountains are backdrop to the field of lavender.


Advanced bookings for photo shoots and plant reservations required 10 months in advance.


Pricing details available on contact.

Fresh French Grosso Lavender Bouquet

  • It will last as a fresh bouquet for 3-5 days.

    Give stem ends a fresh cut; just an inch or so every couple days when you replace the fresh water. The water should be shallow; an inch or two as it can discolor the stems due to the high oil content inherent in the plant. Keep out of direct sunlight.

    To dry your bouquet, remove from water, remove rubber band, dry the ends with a paper towel, or lay out to air dry for a day. Replace rubber band. Hang upside down, out of direct light. Hang from an opened paperclip on the rubber band. In 5-7 days it should be dry. You can then display it upright in a dry vase.

    Dry bouquets do not rehydrate. 

    It will look and smell great for about a year. Then you can buy a new one, and rub the buds off the old for sachets or into the carpet, walk around on it a few days then vacuum it up-makes the whole house smell good!. Use the old stems in smudge sticks or on the barbeque to smoke meats and fish.


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