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1.5 Cubic Foot Bag


It doesn't get more sustainable than this; a reused biomass packaged in reused bags. I encourage you to find yet a third use for the bag!


When the distilling process is complete, the raw lavender plant material inside the hopper has been drained of most of its color, oil, and scent. Lavender stems are fibrous and take a while to break down. At this stage the biomass makes great bedding material. It is lightly fragrant and I imagine still has some of its medicinal qualities: anti bacterial, fungicidal. Line chicken and or goat pens with it. Chickens love to pick at things and picking at lavender might guard against mites! I use the stuff as weed suppressing mulch in the path ways of my vegetable garden.


I package it in reused mulch and soil bags. 

Lavender Animal Bedding


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