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Both Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria wore a fuseau on a fob, kept either in the folds of their skirt or a deep pocket. When a migraine struck they’d pull it out, gently roll it between thumb and finger and inhale the fragrance to ease the pain. Lavender has that power. Long used for headache relief, these wands are handmade in the busy time of harvest. The flower heads are caged with the stems, woven with ribbon, and made using fresh lavender because it is the only time the stems are pliable.
I utilize pretty ribbon that I acquire on buying trips to San Francisco, sometimes even Paris!
These are heirlooms, lasting for decades. Sprinkle lavender oil on aged ones. Often I am told that they are found in the drawers of grandmother's after their death. 
Traditionally made for storing in linen closets and roving to keep moths at bay. Very pretty set out on the dresser or on the pillow in the guest bedroom.

The ribbon (which I acquire on buying trips to San Francisco, sometimes even Paris!) is woven in the same way as the wand, but only to the halfway point. All but 4-6 opposing stems are snipped off. The remaining stems are either twisted or braided together, gently molded, and joined as a basket handle above the flower heads which poke up from the woven part. This all must be done with fresh cut lavender in the middle of the busy harvest season. The ribbon is wound around the handle and tied in a bow either in the center of the handle or off to one side of the basket.
I am glad to teach your group how to make these in a workshop environment. Email me so we can figure out a schedule sometime between mid June and mid August. $10 per person for groups of 10-15 covers materials and my time. Classes smaller than ten $30 hour + materials. I travel within a 100 mile radius of St. Ignatius, Montana. It is possible for me to travel further distance, let's talk!

Lavender Basket $25 or $35 (please choose size in options below)