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I steam distill artisanal batches of my brand of oil 5 ounces at a time. It is in high demand, and I sell it as fast as I can make it. There is often a waiting list for the next fresh batch.  It has a high vibrational quality due to it being so fresh, and growing in a very special place in Montana. I use lavender that grows on my farm in the beautiful south Mission Valley of Western Montana. I use the entire stem and flower head in my process.


My lavender oil, being made in artisanal batches is very fresh and can actually smell quite weird for a couple weeks. Did you know some companies age their essential oil for a year before selling it - just like wine. The demand is too high for mine so I sell it fresh out of the still, it is cut with nothing. When you get a fresh batch it may smell almost like petrol for a week. Then it will change to a very green grassy smell. Finally by the third week it rounds out into that familiar lavender smell. The medicinal value is all in there, so get to using it!

Lavender Essential Oil - 5 ml

  • I am keen to refill your bottle. It is very important that you NOT clean the inside of your bottle with anything. Bleach and soap can ruin the entire refill batch. Just put the lid on it to keep dirt and dust out once it is empty.