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ISBN: 978-1-7330317-07
166 Pages


Lavender Farming, Secrets from a Hard Row Hoed will teach you how to farm lavender better than Lori did – at least better than her first attempt.


Lavender Lori got a second chance to start completely anew after 90% of her original crop was killed by one freak cold snap that she calls the Devastation. In the aftermath, she discovered and now implements a host of contingency plans toward more sustainable farming practices; the 'secrets' learned through tough experience. Never having farmed before, she learned it all from the ground up, mostly by trial and error. 


Had there been such a book as this available the learning curve would have been easier for Lori.


In an easy informal style, with her characteristic anecdotes and dry humor, Lavender Lori draws comparisons between her original failed farm and her new state-of-the-art-farm. She shares hard-won innovations that sprouted from her actual hands-on field work. 


This is an organized, practical instruction manual on how to grow lavender–and what to do with your bountiful harvest. In Lavender Farming, Secrets from a Hard Row Hoed you will find:


  • The #1 reason most people have trouble growing lavender 
  • Which varieties are the most reliably hardy in high elevation and cold climates 
  • Innovative ideas for extreme winter protection 
  • The most efficient way to lay the foundational infrastructure for the enduing life of your crop 
  • The appropriate time to harvest in order to maintain a standard of high-quality products 
  • What exactly the term "culinary lavender" means alongside recipes 


By following the step-by-step guide you will learn how to efficiently and successfully grow your own lavender whether it be by the thousands in a farm setting, a handful in your yard, or one in a pot. Lori also offers advice on planting, irrigation, the harvest, curing, storing, crafting and cooking with lavender as well as marketing and sharecropping. 

Lavender Farming: Secrets from a Hard Row Hoed eBook (ePub)