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Lavender hydrosol is a fragrant, secondary product of the essential oil steam distillation process. 


Boiling water steamed through plant material, inside a stainless steel tank forces the volatile oils into vapor. This vapor, cooled in the condensing coils causes the oil and water to separate out. There is no way to cool all the oil from the water vapor so the result is some oil suspended – but thoroughly mixed – in the water. This is hydrosol. There is no need, with a true hydrosol, to shake well.


  • It is traditionally used as a linen spray, on sheets before bed, or for spritzing the face or skin. 
  • Use it culinarily like Rose, Orange, or Lime water. 
  • Use it for cleaning; with a little soap, it cuts thru grime - makes a great surface and glass cleaner.
  • It is good at deodorizing, spray the air. 
  • It keeps mold at bay with its anti-fungal properties. 
  • Use it in the birthing room, as a disinfecting wash, and to soothe both mother and baby.
  • Put a good dose in your humidifier.
  • Use as a final rinse on cutting boards, putting its anti-bacterial properties to use. Use as a hand sanitizer.
  • Final rinse on hand washable garments for fragrance.
  • Wash your skunk-sprayed-dog in it. Forget the tomato juice, repeated washings will do the trick. 
  • After scrubbing it out, rinse your hot tub. pH 6.8
  • Use as a mouth wash! Try it. 
  • Rinse tooth brush, and kitchen sponges.
  • Spray on and wipe down your yoga matt.

Lavender Hydrosol - 4oz. Micro Spray

  • I am keen to refill your bottle. Please read these instructions. It is very important that you NOT clean the inside of your hydrosol bottle with anything. Bleach and soap can ruin the entire refill batch. Just put the lid on it to keep dirt and dust out once it is empty.