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Wreaths are available all year round, but popular at Christmastime and Valentine’s Day. Constructed of dried lavender and pretty ribbon that I acquire on buying trips to San Francisco, sometimes even Paris! The wreaths can be adorned with other plant material like yellow yarrow, silvery oats, rosehips, etc. What do you like?

Lavender Wreath (made to order)

  • Your dried lavender wreath will hold up nicely for at least 4 years provided it is not hung on a door that opens and closes often, or in a busy hall where it is brushed against frequently. Even in these situations it will maintain its integrity a year or more. A light vacuum or dusting will keep the dust and cobwebs at bay. Color fades if hung in a sunny location but this can bring out the fragrance. Plant material degrades when exposed to air and light, but I can always make you a new one. Some friends burn theirs each year at Winter Solstice and order a new one.