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I was not born of a farming life, rather, at age 36 I was struck by a lavender lightning bolt of inspiration while visiting a lavender festival in the year 2000. I came away from that experience knowing in my marrow that I had to farm lavender even though I lived in Montana, had no land or any money. Timing is everything; fortune favours the prepared mind. Everything unfolded exactly as it should. I want everyone to feel, in all six senses what I felt while in the presence of this lovely plant that day at the festival.  

My new book is OUT!

LavendEr Farming 
Secrets from a Hard Row Hoed

Lavender Farming, Secrets from a Hard Row Hoed will teach you how to farm lavender better than Lori did—at least better than her first attempt. Available in hard copy, digital .ePub and .mobi formats available for purchase.

New products for 2022


Cottonwood Oil


30 Gallon Still
Lightly Used


Lavender & Fir Tea $20

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